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Support and Resources

Increasing numbers of local businesses and large corporations are supporting and encouraging corporate/employee volunteering as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). They recognise that it creates benefits for their businesses, as well as for individual employees and their communities.

Eastern Volunteers offer a number of services to assist:

  1. Consultation service to businesses to assist with the development of a suitable corporate volunteering model and practical applications for its implementation
  2. Placement Service – initiating, planning and creating suitable group volunteering roles that align with the needs of both the business and not for profit organisation
  3. Assistance with the placement of skilled volunteering opportunities
  4. Provision of a Risk Analysis overview (OHS, insurance)
  5. Measuring and evaluating the success of the partnership.

For assistance or advice with your CSR needs, please contact For more information or assistance,please contact Kim Boswell, Kim.Boswell@easternvolunteers.org.au or 9870 7822


Templates & Resources:

* Employee Volunteering: A guide for small to medium sized enterprises, Melbourne (2007)

This resource was funded by the then Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership and produced by Volunteering Australia. The booklet contains the following templates:

* Step by Step Guide.
* Staff Survey Questions., Employee Volunteering Policy.
* Setting Targets.
* Selecting Not-For-Profit Partners.
* Risk Analysis Checklist.
* Letter of Agreement Template., Measuring and Evaluation.