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Eastern Volunteers Raffle

Eastern Volunteers thanks each and every one of you who bought the raffle tickets! Thank You for your Support!!

We received the cheque of $16416.15  from The Maroondah City Council and the Mayor Cr. Natalie Thomas.

The money would be used to purchase a vehicle for our transport services!

Eastern Volunteers cannot thank The Maroondah City Council and the Mayor Cr. Natalie Thomas enough for all of their hard work in establishing and running the raffle. We are honoured to be the recipients of all of the funds raised ; the plan is to use the funds to purchase another vehicle for our growing community transport service. This will allow hundreds of elderly people in the community to remain independent in their homes.

Thankyou Maroondah Council and Mayor Natalie Thomas.

Thank you Eastland for all your support for the 2016 Mayoral Charity Raffle!!!

We are happy to share some pictures from the raffle day!

We thank our raffle ticket sellers who worked indoors and outdoors : in wind ,rain and air conditioned comfort.

They were an important part of achieving success in the raffle result. Kudos to their efforts!

And the efforts were appluaded with certificate presentations!

And a Big Congratulations to this year’s raffle winners:

1st prize Winner : B. Lobo, #10913
2nd prize Winner: S.Chan, #12137
3rd prize Winner: C. De La Rue, #12477
4th prize Winner: H. Chaung, #11176
5th prize Winner: B. McArthur, #15022

The first prize winner Mr Ben and his wife, happen to be our transport client too. We very happily presented them with the prize at our office.