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How your gift will make a difference

By keeping well over 600 frail aged people independent in their own homes through the provision of a community transport service.


John has been with Eastern Volunteers for 7 years receiving services from the transport team to get to his doctor’s appointments twice a week in the city. John also uses the transport services to travel to and from the shops.His daughter Sue considers that since John suffers from Alzheimer’s, the transport services have helped John to stay in her care for much longer than would have been possible without the help. “Since I am unable to drive…we wouldn’t have managed without the services”.John is always excited and happy when the volunteers come to pick him up. Sue recalls that “John always starts whistling a tune” when he sees either Frank or Colin drive the vehicle. Frank and Colin are “two of the kindest people you could meet” and are always up for a chat. “I have nothing but praise for what they do.”


Raymond has been relying on the Eastern Volunteers transport services for two years now to get to his doctors and specialist appointments twice a week. Every single drivers Raymond has come across have been ‘marvellous!’ Raymond says that “all the drivers are very courteous and will always help me get into the car without complaining unlike most taxi drives”. Since Raymond is unable to walk and can’t drive, the transport services have given him some independence and have made life less stressful for himself and his family.

I don’t know what I would do without them (Eastern Volunteers). You have been so helpful. My life would have been so difficult without the services that you provide.”

By helping thousands of people in the community each year become further involved through volunteering.


“Becoming a volunteer was the best thing I could have done.  It is great to feel that I am still a useful person, with much to give, and being able to help others is very satisfying and rewarding.” Annette

I have never volunteered before but my volunteering experience has made me change my career focus and also my attitude towards life.” Nathalie

It’s nice to have that good feeling at the end of the day knowing you have done something for someone and that they appreciate it.” Willie

Not only has volunteering helped me feel useful in a time where I felt I couldn’t serve any purpose, it has taught me many skills that I will take into future roles. But most importantly it has changed my outlook on volunteering as a whole and my respect for those who give their time up to help others.”

By supporting over 400 not for profit organisations to deliver their services with the support of volunteers


I am thrilled at the partnership with Eastern Volunteers and the service they provide our organisation with sending volunteers. Our most recent addition is a lady that helps me with admin support who is more than adequately qualified to perform this role. I have found that without volunteer assistance we could not function as a not for profit organisation. We rely so much on partnerships such as this. Together we are changing lives forever by providing safe decent and affordable housing for families in need.” Habitat for Humanity

Notifying Eastern Volunteers

If you, a family member, friend or client decides to leave a bequest to Eastern Volunteers please notify us, so we can personally offer our thanks.

Each person who pledges a bequest to Eastern Volunteers becomes part of a very special group. You will receive regular updates of Eastern Volunteers news and invitations to our events.

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