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Mission and Vision

Our Vision

Eastern Volunteers – Empowering the community through active engagement


Our Mission

Eastern Volunteers engages its communities with value based services that increase community participation through mobility and volunteer opportunities.


Strategic Goals

Goal 1:
To establish our role as a recognised regional leader in volunteer services, community transport and community project management.

Goal 2:
To initiate opportunities to broaden our funding base, increase our income and significantly improve financial independence.

Goal 3:
To strengthen our relationship with stakeholders and develop productive partnerships and alliances with governments, businesses and the community groups.

Goal 4:
To increase volunteer participation in our programs and within the wider community.

Goal 5:
To be an employer of choice, offering a caring and safe work environment that is honest and transparent and that operates under good corporate governance.

Goal 6:
To develop a skilled volunteer-based marketing and promotional team to provide expertise, advice, planning facilitation and operational support.

Goal 7:
To excel in customer service and the delivery of client service.

Our Values

Integrity: We strive to demonstrate impartiality, fairness, honesty and independence in everything we do.


Valuing our People: Our staff and volunteers are critical to our success – we acknowledge that they are our most important asset. We provide a safe and enjoyable work environment that is caring and supportive. We keep people informed; promote a learning culture and a balance between work and recreation.


Respect: We promote the acceptance of diversity and difference. We are non-judgemental, we listen and we demonstrate accountability.


Excellence: We are committed to high professional standards. We utilise best practice methods and strive for excellence in customer service.


Community: We demonstrate commitment in helping build stronger communities that will be sustainable and resilient. We give due consideration to environmental, social and economic issues in our decision making.


Partnership: We excel in business by creating partnerships, building strategic alliances and demonstrating a willingness to share, learn and co-operate.


Innovation: We seek to do business differently and better, by developing new opportunities and exploring creative solutions, and we keep abreast of technological and business advances.