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Stan Pump Award

The Stan Pump Outstanding Volunteer Achievement Award is an initiative launched by the Board of Eastern Volunteers to honour the late Stan Pump in recognition of his significant and lasting contribution to Eastern Volunteers (EV).

Stan served in various volunteer roles at EV for more than 10 years, including as Vice President and President of the Committee of Management and inaugural Chairman of the EV Board in 2008.

Stan was a humble, private person who demonstrated strong analytical and strategic capacity as well as effective research and developmental methodologies.

He worked quietly and tirelessly to advance EV and its services, often meeting with MPs, government bureaucrats and members of community organisations.

Stan was instrumental in providing leadership for the review of EV’s constitutional Rules and the establishment of EV’s Building Fund, Annual Fun Run and Annual Concert.

The Award

The Stan Pump Outstanding Volunteer Achievement Award will recognise outstanding achievements and contributions made by a volunteer to EV.

The award:

  • Promotes, rewards and recognises outstanding contributions by a volunteer to EV
  • Encourages volunteers to join EV and make a positive and lasting difference to EV and the services it provides to the community.
  • Creates learning and development opportunities for volunteers.

Selection criteria

How will suitable candidates for the award be identified?

Some volunteers will openly lead the way; others will contribute quietly. Each are equally significantly to EV but they will each stand out from the pack. This will inspire others to nominate them for the award.

Nominees will demonstrate attitudes and behaviour that include many of the following: leadership, enthusiasm, passion, inspiration, infectiousness, tenacity, dedication, commitment, compassion, empathy, generosity, trust, reliability, capability etc.

Award cycle

This is an annual award but will only be presented when and if a suitable candidate satisfies all requirements, is recommended by the Assessment Panel and approved by the EV Board.

Selection process

  • A volunteer may be nominated for the award by any member of the EV community.
  • A detailed background of the individual’s achievements and contributions to EV are to be prepared by the person(s) nominating the volunteer for the award. The selection guide above should be consulted and addressed.
  • A candidate citation and the names of two referees to verify the achievements and contributions are also required to be submitted with the application.
  • An assessment panel comprising the EV Chairman, one other Board Member, the General Manager and a representative of staff, will consider all nominations.
  • A special occasion, such as a volunteer event, an AGM or other major EV activity should be considered as a suitable occasion to make the formal presentation of a certificate and gift.


Administration Volunteers in Transport Services win the Stan Pump Award for 2015.

The EV Transport team underwent many significant changes in 2015 and the administration volunteers within that team have shown heightened dedication, humour, reliability and commitment to the EV mission during these changes.  While this team consistently show high levels of excellence as their daily practice, the recent changes have bought out the tenacity and passion of these hard working individuals. This team made an outstanding contribution to EV in a time of change.

On average this volunteer component of the team work 136 hours per week, offering EV over 2720 hours of their time per year.

Traditionally, their position is strictly administration work.  In 2015, as was required, due to a change in our service, these volunteers stepped up and counselled anxious clients, patiently supported other volunteers by answering questions and improved the overall camaraderie in the organisation with their optimism.

These volunteers continually represent EV with the utmost professionalism and as a result EV have benefited greatly from the positive PR internally and in the wider community.

EV would like to acknowledge the work of the following volunteers and congratulate them on their award:

Annette O’Loughlin                                          Gary Hallawell

Geo Joo Chua                                                     Gio Stevenson

Helen McCarthy                                                James Sweeney

Jeni Foreman                                                     Julie Lugton

Khyati Vadher                                                    Leah Fuller

Linda Evans                                                        Linda Grace

Liz Mitchell                                                         Mark Rogan

Maree Wragg                                                      Margaret Lucas

Maureen Edwards                                             Patricia Moore

Patsy Braakhuis                                                 Penny Murphy

Sarawan Wongsa                                               Susan Jewell