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Annette’s Story

Volunteering had always been something I had thought of doing when I was older. Well, before I knew it “Older” had arrived. I was very fortunate to obtain a volunteering position where I have been able to call upon some of the skills I have acquired during my working life. I find myself working alongside caring, generous people, many are volunteers like me, who are prepared to give of themselves and go that extra mile for the sake of others in the community. Working in this atmosphere really restores one’s faith in human nature.

I started volunteering during a very stressful and upsetting time in my life. Becoming a volunteer was the best thing I could have done, as it required me to move past my own problems, and gave me some purpose. I feel I have gained much from my time as a volunteer so far. It is great to feel that I am still a useful person, with much to give, and being able to help others is very satisfying and rewarding. I am also very lucky to have made new friendships which have also enriched my life.