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David’s Story

I have been volunteering with the wonderful EV team for the last 4 months. The reason I began volunteering at EV was to help with my rehabilitation back into a working environment while I recovered from injuries sustained working in the construction industry. Before my recovery program began I was a little apprehensive as to what I should expect as I’d not volunteered before and was unsure how my skill set would fit into the group. However, these worries soon vanished after meeting my two supervisors Tara and Clare as well as the rest of the EV team who welcomed me aboard. From day one I felt involved by discussing a list of projects I could begin working on that would both suit my skills and their needs, while all the time considering my wellbeing and recovery in the process. Instead of being on the side-lines, I felt embraced and meaningful again as I set to work on projects such as updating their privacy policies, disability access, CALD background assessment and many smaller but just as important tasks.

Not only has volunteering helped me feel useful in a time where I felt I couldn’t serve any purpose, it has taught me many skills that I will take into future roles. But most importantly it has changed my outlook on volunteering as a whole and my respect for those who give their time up to help others.

I understand that people start volunteering for many reasons different to me. It just goes to show, independent of the reason to start volunteering, the experience, welcoming feeling and meaningfulness it provides is invaluable. I could only recommend it to everyone, especially those who may feel they serve little purpose. Volunteering will only add value to yourself and the community.