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Kristi’s Story

Independence and mobility are things we take for granted.  It gives us freedom to go where we want, when we want.  As I became an adult, my grandparents went from being relatively independent, through various stages of dependency.Many people freely gave their time to help my grandparents get about.  The local Probus dine out group and scrabble group would pick up Mumma and take her to events.  The music appreciation friends would drive Pop to their sessions, if necessary.  A stranger even drove Pop home on a hot day when he was walking locally and  had heat exhaustion.

Independence is very important to me.  It gives people freedom and keeps the world open to them.  Without independence, our world becomes very small and isolated.  Small tasks become cumbersome.  Larger tasks become stressful events.  Even organising to meet friends can become too difficult

So when the opportunity to volunteer arose, Eastern Volunteers was the natural choice for me.  Mumma used to drive for Meals on Wheels, despite her physical disability (she drove a modified car).  She used EV transport when she gave up driving.  This gave her ability to get about without having to always rely on a family member.  It also meant that she could go out without being accountable to someone else.

So here I am, a year on from starting at EV.  Still driving people around so others have some independence.  I am not the typical EV driver.  My current career is in financial modelling, pricing and regulation.  My hobbies include dancing, knitting, patchwork and chocolate.  Now you know why I chose driving.  I know my time volunteering is making a significant difference to people.

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