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Nathalie’s Story

I have been volunteering with Eastern Volunteers at the Box Hill Hub, 2 days per week, for the past 5 months. From day one, actually from the first meeting I had at Eastern Volunteers, the Staff and Volunteers emanated a positivity and happiness that almost felt calming (which turned out to be infectious). I have never volunteered before but my volunteering experience has made me change my career focus and also attitude towards life.

At EV, I have been working as an Administrative assistant, during this time my skills and job requirements (much to my delight) have expanded outside of the job parameters. I have been given the opportunity to champion projects on my own, experience collaborating with local Councils and work with other not for profit organisations.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Volunteer experience and can not recommend the experience more highly. My favourite thing about working at EV would have to be the end of the day. Each day I am thanked for my work and told the value of my contribution. This makes me want to come to EV each day, it makes me want to try and do more for the organisation but most of all it makes me think about what sort of person I want to be and what I want to contribute to society.