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“Independence and mobility are things we take for granted.  It gives us freedom to go where we want, when we want.  As I became an adult, my grandparents went from being relatively independent, through various stages of dependency.”

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I have been volunteering with Eastern Volunteers at the Box Hill Hub, 2 days per week, for the past 5 months. From day one, actually from the first meeting I had at Eastern Volunteers, the Staff and Volunteers emanated a positivity and happiness that almost felt calming (which turned out to be infectious).

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I have been volunteering with the wonderful EV team for the last 4 months. The reason I began volunteering at EV was to help with my rehabilitation back into a working environment while I recovered from injuries sustained working in the construction industry. Before my recovery program began I was a little apprehensive as to what I should expect as I’d not volunteered before and was unsure how my skill set would fit into the group.

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At the risk of preaching to the converted, I have to say that volunteering is fantastic! My own recent experience has been with a group known as Melbourne Free University for Asylum Seekers (MFU4AS).The concept was to allow

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My name is Richard and I volunteer with Eastern Volunteers as an interviewer. I had over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Apart from being a volunteer with EV, I am also volunteering with U3A as a teaching assistant for the seniors. The range of topics covered includes Microsoft applications (excel, word)   YouTube, Facebook

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Volunteering had always been something I had thought of doing when I was older. Well, before I knew it “Older” had arrived. I was very fortunate to obtain a volunteering position where I have been able to call upon some of the skills I have acquired during my working life.

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