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Wording a Bequest

Please share this with your lawyer when preparing your Will.


I give, free of all duties and taxes… [please insert the appropriate statement(s) selected from 1-7 below]

  1. the residue of my estate (or [insert number] % of the residue of my estate)
  2. the whole of my estate (or [insert number] % of my estate)
  3. the sum of $ [insert value of your gift]
  4. [insert number] units/shares in [insert name of company/companies]
  5. my real property (or [insert number] % of my real property) situated at [insert address of property/properties] having the title reference [insert title reference]
  6. the proceeds from the sale of [insert reference to specific item(s) such as artwork, jewellery, furniture etc.] as liquidated by the executor of my estate
  7. life insurance policy no. [insert policy number] held by [insert name of life insurance company]

to Eastern Volunteers Resource Centre Inc. (ABN 18 339 532 185) to be used for its general purposes. The official receipt of the organization shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executor(s)/trustee(s).

Notifying Eastern Volunteers

If you, a family member, friend or client decides to leave a bequest to Eastern Volunteers please notify us, so we can personally offer our thanks.

Each person who pledges a bequest to Eastern Volunteers becomes part of a very special group. You will receive regular updates of Eastern Volunteers news and invitations to our events.

Contact us
For more information or to discuss your bequest, please contact us:

Bequest Co-ordinator
P: 03 9870 7822
E: info@easternvolunteers.org.au