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Words from our Chairman

The need for our services has persisted over the years and the quality of service provided has generated a level of dependency on, and respect for, those services that has lasted throughout.

Our services to the community comprise three distinct but related businesses supported by high level of expertise and competencies that have expanded as the market segment progressively became larger and more complex. EV provides three core services:

  • Mobility services for our frail aged citizens and younger people with a disability assisting with their transport needs
  • Recruitment, training and placement of volunteers on behalf of our not for profit agencies (VIOs), helping with a dependable and professional stream of quality volunteers who will provide assistance and expertise across a diverse range of occupations.
  • Management of a fleet of vehicles (mini buses and people movers) with wheelchair hoists and/or electric steps that are available for loan to families, individuals, groups and agencies, primarily to help with the transport needs of people who are mobility disadvantaged.


EV has been highly dependent on funding support from governments to provide our core services.  While we understand the need for government to change funding priorities from time to time the prevailing reduction in the real value of government’s contribution is occurring at a time when there is a significantly ageing population that is placing even more demand on the community services we deliver.

EV is committed to expanding and enhancing our services to cater for the ever increasing demand. However, we must seek different and more substantial financial support if we are going to be successful. This is partly being organised by expanding the diversity and level of our own fundraising activities. We are also exploring new ways of generating additional income through the development of innovative projects, partnerships and fee for service arrangements. We know it is important that we remain focussed and committed to our core functions, responsibilities and services.  The focus on our community’s needs will never be compromised by becoming more self sufficient and changing to a strongly income/profit oriented organisation. We will continue to aspire to measure our performance by the extent of the community needs we satisfy rather than by the extent of becoming financially self-sufficient.

However, the continuity of our services and improvement of our reach, frequency and quality requires more substantial financial strength and security, and we are reaching out to our wonderful supporters and generous donors to remember us when writing or reviewing your Wills.

By leaving a bequest to the Eastern Volunteers you will help us continue and extend our services to an ever growing ageing population and ensure that we are able to provide transport assistance to a greater number of people who are frail aged and/or have a disability and live on their own without support.

If you wish to donate to the Eastern Volunteer cause, please inform us so we can progressively update you on our activities and future plans.

Dr. Mehdi Taghian


Notifying Eastern Volunteers

If you, a family member, friend or client decides to leave a bequest to Eastern Volunteers please notify us, so we can personally offer our thanks.

Each person who pledges a bequest to Eastern Volunteers becomes part of a very special group. You will receive regular updates of Eastern Volunteers news and invitations to our events.

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